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my story,

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Mum wish come true.

How does mum only WISH and MITOCEPS has in common? CORDYCEPS!

This kept her alive for 12 long years while she was in dialysis. She was diagnosed with end stage kidney failure when she was 70 years old.

To most people at that age, they already gave up. To the doctors, they gave her a maximum of 3 years to live.

How does she manage to sustain for 12 years?

Read on….

Mum diagnosed with end stage kidney failure when she was 70 years old, it was indeed a very tough decision if she was able to cope with dialysis treatment at her age.

She was determined to begin with hemodialysis treatment. She has only one wish, to hope to buy more time to see both her grandsons grows up, especially the youngest one, he was just born, 3 days right after she was diagnosed with renal failure.

Mum often suffered from fatigue which is one of the main side effects of dialysis, as dialysis patient have to adhere to certain diet, low protein, low fat, can’t eat whatever she likes. She did not have many choices, therefore, she was given special milk formula, to fortify her nutrients. However she could not adapt due to milk and lactose intolerant, causing her to have diarrhea. She begin to face malnutrition and getting weaker day by day.

All of us were worried, how can we help? What can we do?

We started to do some research to find solutions for her, then we found cordyceps!

There were many research paper shown that it can benefits people from suffering renal failure and also good to increase energy. We decided to give cordyceps a try.

Mum adapt well to the Cordyceps, slowly we noticed that she gain back her energy and having good appetite after the dialysis sessions. She is getting stronger day by day. Almost a magical product, an antidote for her.

Literally, she survived on this, whereas we saw other dialysis patient unable to sustain and passed away, even though they were 20 or 30 years younger than her.

Well, eventually she passed away at the age of 82. It was remarkable that she can survive for 12 years, a record for the dialysis hospital at her age.

It has inspired us to do research on the benefits of Cordyceps for human. We found that there are many benefits from building the energy reserve, alertness, endurance to improving lung function.

We decided to pair this with the Berries from Asiros, Denmark, an innovative company that transform nature berries to science, a product that boost up energy via mitochondria.

Why not, bringing the best from the West to meet the Best from the East!

MITOCEPS was finally born.

my story, my mission



Why did he came up with the idea of Mitoceps for sports people?

Well, even after mum had passed away, Cordyceps has been always in his mind. The benefits it brings is amazing. It can increase the energy level, sustainable for a longer period, goes well with most people as it does not create stomach discomfort and increase alertness.

 In 2016, a German company recommended a new but exciting product, natural berries, extract from blackcurrant and redcurrant. This berries able to stimulate human cell energy production. The benefits are similar to the Cordyceps, which increase energy reserve, sustainable energy. Besides that, the berries actual taste very good.

 We decided to pair these 2 products together, to enhance the benefits even further.

 Why don’t we bring the benefits of these ingredients to friends and relatives?

 My nephew is a marathon runner, a `Vege Runner’, as he is a vegetarian. The first thing my nephew suggested, give this to marathon runners and ultra-runners. They needs this to enhance their energy for running, people like natural products and not many people can tolerate caffeine base product, as it gave stomach upsets and intolerance.


Mitoceps was BORN!

 Mitoceps is a combination of 2 words, Mito is from the word Mitochondria and ceps from Cordyceps.

 Besides runners, cyclist and sports active, people are working longer hours and needed a product can assist them to increase their energy through natural way products.



“Founder Quotes”

`By improving our energy level, we can do more things, stay healthy and achieve greater things in our life. More Energy will bring Greater Life.’

What's Next?

We wanted to share our knowledge and bring the benefits of Mitoceps to consumer, both the daily life and the sports active people.


It becomes a mission for Enercan. By improving their energy, we can improve their quality of life. More Energy will bring Greater life.


We wanted the product to be safe.


We took Mitoceps to Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) and was classified as food. The ingredients was check by ACCREDITED laboratory to be free of anabolic and catabolic stimulants to meet the DRUG free requirement.



Mitoceps is effective!

We wanted to proof through science, Mitoceps is effective.

 Mitoceps was tested by a Malaysia university to prove the scientific benefits. In the clinical trial, Mitoceps showed improvement in recovery heart rate, skeletal muscle mass, body fat percentage, flexibility, anti-fatigue ability.



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